Biking in Montrose
Montrose offers a variety of scenic and challenging road and mountain biking excursions within just a short drive, or ride, from town. 

Road Biking
The Montrose area has miles of paved, rural farm and ranch roads ideally suitable for cycling. Choose from flat roads for an easy spin or long, tough climbs. The Montrose area has arguably some of the best and most varied climbing terrain in the US, all within a 20-mile radius.
Biking Log Hill
Mountain Biking
The vast expanses of public lands surrounding Montrose offer numerous mountain bike trails that will appeal to everyone from newbies to endoholics.  Sidewinder Trail, Lower Spring Creek and Dry Creek Trails, some of the most popular trails among locals, meander across landscapes ranging from adobe badlands to rugged pinion and juniper-covered slopes sprinkled with aspen forests. 

  1. Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    Plan your next mountain biking adventure.

  1. Road Biking

    Road Biking

    Tips and picks for exploring Montrose on two wheels.

  1. Biking Resources

    Biking Resources

    Maps, shops and local experts to equip your ride.